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This property is an outdoor lover’s dream-come-true! It’s over 73 acres of varied terrain – deep draws, mature trees, rolling hills and rocky outcroppings.  It’s teeming with wildlife and situated in the heart of big game migratory & concentration areas of Colorado’s GMU83 (Game Management Unit).  Whether you want to hike, off-road, hunt, shoot photography, or just relax, this property has it all.

For hunters, whether you use a rifle or bow, you’ll find amazing opportunities.  Elk, deer, antelope and bear find this an appealing area of the state during season.  The world-famous Cielo Vista Ranch (recently sold for $105 million) is immediately east of this property and hosts hunters from around the globe for exclusive expeditions upwards of $10,000 a week to hunt this area.

This acreage is situated just SE of San Luis, CO, which is the county seat for Costilla and is also the oldest town in the state.  It’s accessible from the south just off County Road K.5 and up a platted dirt road.  It’s also reachable from the north via another road that comes just to the property border.  Once on property, 4×4 and/or ATV will be the best motorized transportation means.  The eastern length of the property is fenced with barbed wire.

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Property Details:
Costilla County, Colorado, North of CR K.5 in Ewing Ranches South
GPS points:
NW 37.1356, -105.3488
NE   37.1346, -105.3399
SW  37.1322, -105.3488
SE    37.1308, -105.3399
Map links:  Bing map       Google map
Size: 73.5 acres

Nearby parcels of similar size have listed and sold for between $1,750 and $2,000 per acre, correlating to $130,000 to $180,000 comparable properties.

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