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Kind Words

I had a very pleasant experience doing business with Mike and Ligia they helped me through the entire process and were very open, honest and friendly. I would recommend to all my friends and family to do business with Open Plains Properties! I now own a proud piece of the American dream!
Joshua A.
My experience with Open Plains Properties has been great. I have bought three properties from them - 2 cash deals & 1 financed. When I was looking for property on the internet, there are all kinds of people & companies out there selling property. I was very apprehensive. But when I inquired about the property from them, they contacted me right away and were very informative. It made me feel comfortable right off the bat. I have even referred a friend who also bought property from them. I hope this helps anyone looking for their Dreamland.
James M
Working with Mike and Ligia at Open Plains Properties has been a great experience. They gave me time to select a property and helped me along the way with advice and their knowledge even after signing the contracts. After finding an issue with my first property they found a new property for me right away that’s just as amazing as the first. I’d definitely recommend (and do often) Open Plains Properties for anyone looking to start their dream of land ownership sooner than later.
Justin W.
As we all know that when something seems too good to be true, our instinct says it probably is… but what if I tell you that it could actually be proven to actually be good! When I first saw the listing I was beyond skeptical especially since I’m a single mother of two and value every penny. Well to my surprise when they literally walked me through every question and all the information that I needed, They eased my fears and confirmed they had my back and my best interest. I loved this experience and honestly, I will refer them to anyone I know and will continue to buy more of their beautiful properties.
Anais L
In January of 2018, we purchased some undeveloped land in New Mexico from Mike at Open Plains Property. We had gone out to the property to check it out and determined that it was a nice piece of land for what we were looking for. (Remote/Private, great views, access to a State Park down the road).
It was everything that Mike and Ligia said it would be. At first we were very leery of making a property purchase through the internet and phone/text conversations. However, the whole process could not have been easier. After payment was made, the transfer of the property was exactly as agreed. The deed was filed by Mike with the County Clerk electronically and I received a photo of the transfer the day it was filed. I then received the official copy of the deed in the mail from the Luna County Clerk. The whole process was very smooth and professional.
I would recommend Open Plains Properties to others that are seeking to be landowners and I would not hesitate in doing business with them again in the future.
Rick B.
new mexico