We are...

…Mike & Ligia Deaton, a young-at-heart couple that loves the great outdoors and amazing adventures.  We’ve traveled the world and have a deep appreciation for the beauty of nature and the humility of the world’s wonders.  Whether standing on the peak of a mountain, rafting through canyons or just sitting in an open field and gazing up at a perfect sky there’s something about the vast magnitude of the lands on this earth that ground us back to reality and what life is all about.

We started looking for land of our own and in our discussions with others came to the realization that there are so many people with a similar dream to own property and have a place to retire, dash off for the weekend or just know it’s theirs whenever they want. We decided to leave the rat-race with high stress, long commutes and conference calls behind and help connect people with their dreams.

We started Open Plains Properties to invest in the greatest investment we think there is – land. Our aim is to make land ownership easy, affordable and let you realize your own adventures.

We’d love to help you realize your dream.